eLearning FAQ

eLearning course is not showing as complete
Member has not pressed ‘exit’ button on completion. However, if it is the SLSQ Observers Skills Maintenance course, this is because they still need to complete the practical component (signals) and it will not show as complete until this is done.

Error message ‘pre requisite exists for this course’ when trying to enrol in eLearning
Member needs to enrol in their eLearning course prior to being selected in Form 14 (assessment request). Have the member removed from the Form 14 and enrol in the eLearning, and then put back into the Form 14.

Member cannot access the Radio Protocols module (BM)
This is just on the desktop version, and is a view issue. They need to hold mouse down on Radio Comms module (middle one) and drag it to the left. Radio Protocols module will then be available to them.

Member has not got completion certificates for Skills Maintenance
There are no completion certificates for skills maintenance. In the Assessing App it will be indicated that they have completed their Theory Questions for their assessor on the day of their practical. They do not need to provide a certificate. They will however have received an email following completion of each module.

Member cannot access eLearning
Is member currently financial at a club? Are they currently part of a transfer which hasn’t been completed?

Member cannot find the training course they want
All training is located in ‘Training Library’. If it says ‘course allocated, then the course can be found in ‘My Training’. If it still cannot be found, need to send a message to etrainu.

Issues with the Radio section of the BM/SRC course freezing. This is a massive module in terms of capacity so some computers don’t cope with the size and freeze.
Try using a different internet browser, check internet connection and/or restart computer.

Issue with the Radio section of BM/SRC course not recording voice.
This doesn’t matter. Perhaps your computer doesn’t have a microphone. Or if you are completing the module on an iphone, this exercise will not work (this is an apple issue that we cannot overcome) This is a simulation exercise only and not an assessable component. Member just needs to make sure that they tick all 3 boxes following the exercise and they will be able to complete the module.

The answers in the theory assessment are incorrect
The answers have all been validated, and they are correct. Members should take the time to read the course material again and have another attempt at answering the questions. Make sure they are using the PSAR35 as a reference as not all content for answers is contained in the elearning.

Member cannot submit answers for theory questions even though they are correct
Member hasn’t waited the 30 minutes following lockout after an incorrect attempt.

Assessing App FAQ

Cannot be selected as assessor
Assessor does not hold the pre requisites for the award; Enter the full name of the Assessor

Cannot log into the app
Assessor does not have the correct award in SurfGuard to gain access

General FAQ

Member cannot be raised as a TAF for BM however are a current endorsed TAF
They don’t hold the UOC HLTAID002