Please find listed below FAQ’s for eLearning and the Assessing App that may assist you in resolving the issue you are having.

eLearning FAQ’s

eLearning course is not showing as complete
Please ensure that the member has pressed the ‘exit’ button on completion.

If it is the SLSQ Observers Skills Maintenance course, this is because the member will still need to complete the practical component (signals) and it will not show as complete until this is done

Error message ‘prerequisite exists for this course’ when trying to enrol in eLearning
1.  If it is the SRC or BM they are enrolling in they will need to be the correct age at the time of assessment, 13yrs for SRC & 15yrs for BM. This prerequisite can be overridden by someone with LMS admin access at the club, Chief Training Officer/Director of Education. Video on how to do this is available here.
2. If it is the SLS – Age Managers Online Course you need to have first completed the SLS-Child Safe Awareness eLearning, as this course is a pre-requisite for the Age Managers Online Theory Course.

Member cannot access the Radio Protocols module (BM) of the BM/SRC course
This will only be an issue on the desktop version and is just a view issue. They need to hold their mouse down on the Radio Comms module (middle one) and drag it to the left. The Radio Protocols module will then come into view, and be available to select and commence.

Issues with the Radio section of the BM/SRC course freezing.
This is a massive module in terms of capacity so some computers don’t cope with the size and freeze. Try using a different internet browser, check the internet connection and/or restart the computer. Ensure you don’t have lots of windows open at the same time using lots of bandwidth.

Issue with the Radio section of BM/SRC course not recording voice.
This doesn’t matter in terms of proceeding through the course. Perhaps your computer doesn’t have a microphone. Or if you are completing the module on an iPhone, this exercise will not work (this is an Apple issue that we cannot overcome) This is a simulation exercise only and not an assessable component. Member just needs to make sure that they tick all 3 boxes following the exercise and they will be able to complete the module and proceed to the next section

Member has not got completion certificates for Skills Maintenance
This is not important and is better for our environment. In the Assessing App, it will be very clear to their Assessor on the day that they have completed their Theory Questions as everything will transfer across. There is no requirement to provide a hard copy certificate. There will have been an email sent on the completion of the module.

Member cannot access eLearning

  • Is the member currently financial at a club?
  • Is this a new member who has joined a club but their membership application is still pending and has not been accepted by the club?
  • Is the member currently part of a transfer that hasn’t been completed


Member cannot find the training course they want
All training is located in ‘Training Library’. If it says ‘course allocated’, then the course can be found in their ‘My Training’ as it means that they have enrolled previously in the course, or it has been allocated to them by a trainer/automatically. If it still cannot be found, please log a Helpdesk ticket.

The answers in the theory assessment are incorrect
The answers have all been validated, and they are correct. Members should take the time to read the course material again and have another attempt at answering the questions. Make sure they are using the PSAR35 as a reference as not all content for answers is contained in the eLearning. If you do have feedback for us, please email

Member cannot submit answers for theory questions even though they are correct
The member will be given indefinite attempts to answer the theory questions, however, after three incorrect attempts, there will be a 30-minute lockout following each subsequent incorrect attempt.

Where Can I find User Guides for eLearning?
Click Here to view the eLearning Reporting – Club Basics Guide
Click Here to view the SLSA eLearning User Guide

Admin Access to Assessing App & eLearning System

How do I get Admin Access to the Assessing App & eLearning system?

  1. Members who hold a proficient Assessor, Facilitator or Endorsed Delegate award of any discipline, or a proficient Probationary TAF award will have access to the Assessing App and be able to create events.
  2. Chief Training Officer/Director of Education who is listed in the ‘Education’ officer position (National/State/Branch/Club level) in SurfGuard with a valid date range  will have administrative level access to the Assessing App and eLearning system, allowing them additional functionality such as reporting.
  3. Paid administration staff who are listed in the ‘club administration (paid)’ officer position (National/State/Branch/Club level) in Surfguard with a valid date range will have administrative level access to the Assessing App and eLearning system, allowing them additional functionality such as reporting.
  4. Other members who have been assigned the ‘LMS Access’ award will have administrative level access to the Assessing App and eLearning system, allowing them additional functionality such as reporting.

How do I get an LMS Access Award?
Please contact your State Centre.  To find your State Centre’s contact details Click Here

Assessing App FAQ’s

I Cannot Select a Member as an Assessor in the App?
The Assessor does not hold the prerequisites for the award they are being selected to assess.  Ensure you are entering the full name of the Assessor and not just a few letters of their name.

Do I mark an Event as Complete even if all the enrolled members have not fulfilled all of the requirements of the award?
Yes, you can mark the event as complete if the majority of members in the event have fulfilled the practical requirements of the Skills Maintenance but still need to complete their eLearning. Those members who have not completed the eLearning component will sit in the App until such times as they complete the eLearning, and then as part of the nightly sync with the LMS ( a new enhancement this season) they will go through as complete and their Surfguard record will be updated.

If the member has not completed all the practical components eg have only done Run-Swim-Run and not done the Rescue and Resuscitation.  They can be marked off for the practical tasks completed but will need to Enrol in a New event to complete outstanding practical tasks.   In this scenario, the New event will show them as completed for the Run-Swim-Run.

Where Can I find a User Guide for the Assessing App?
Click Here to view the Assessing App User Guide

Click Here to view the Assessing App Video Guides 

Still, need help?  To Log a Support Ticket Click Here